Like any insurance, not all policies are the same. Tego offers medical practitioners and newly qualified Fellows in private practice personal medical indemnity insurance that brings a range of advantages. Take a moment to consider these benefits:

  • Two months free​ introductory offer.
  • Unlimited retroactive cover​.​ Peace of mind for prior practice.
  • No policy excesses​.​ Anywhere.
  • Policy matching.​ We’ll like-for-like the terms of your previous year’s policy if there is any difference in cover.
  • Starting in private practice benefits.​ You can save with our discounted premium plan during your first four years.
  • Lock in your premium. During your first few years of private practice you may not have an accurate estimate of your private billings. With Tego, we will accept your best estimate and will not apply any mid-term or retrospective increases if your estimate billings change during the course of the year.
  • No hidden costs. Membership fees, cancellation charges, and mid-term billing increases simply don’t exist at Tego.
  • Tailored pricing​. Your premium is customised to reflect your individual risk profile and the proportion of your work in different sub-specialty areas.

Best of all, Tego’s Medical Practitioner Indemnity Insurance is backed by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance (BHSI), one of the biggest and most respected names in the sector globally. We’ve collaborated closely with BHSI to offer premiums at outstanding value for money and a 24-hour legal advice support service that’s there to lend expert guidance whenever you need it.

BHSI is a strong and trusted insurance partner and believes in simplicity over complexity, responsiveness to a changing healthcare landscape, and results-focused, cost effective claims management – all values shared by Tego.

Berkshire Hathaway’s National Indemnity group of insurance companies hold $228.4 billion in total admitted assets and $123.2 billion in policyholder surplus (Source: Balance sheets as of 03/31/2017 for the Berkshire Hathaway National Indemnity group of insurance companies). BHSI’s large and stable balance sheet gives exceptional ability to provide consistent capacity and innovative, flexible solutions. It also means you can have the utmost confidence in BHSI’s ability to pay covered claims – no matter how complex or large the catastrophe.

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