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Whatever the reason you get in touch, BHSI claim professionals work with you to move through the complaint or claim as quickly and strategically as possible.

The team understands the importance of your professional reputation. Reputation is important to us too. This is why BHSI employs committed claims specialists who are empowered to achieve strong results. They partner with solicitors and experts that understand our shared values to ensure consistently high levels of service.

Medico-Legal Support

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BHSI has got your back

Tego policies are underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance (BHSI), a name synonymous with trust and integrity. Their 24/7 medico-legal advisory services provides Tego policy holders with additional peace of mind.

BHSI is committed to excellence in claims handling, and brings skill, efficiency, and transparency to all aspects of the claims process. Their clearly articulated service standards set the bar consistently high on everything from acknowledgement of claims, to communication throughout the life of a claim – and ensure no surprises.

BHSI believes in simplicity over complexity, responsiveness to a changing healthcare landscape, and results-focused, cost effective claims management – all values shared by Tego. BHSI’s large and stable balance sheet gives exceptional ability to provide consistent capacity and innovative, flexible solutions. It also means you can have the utmost confidence in BHSI’s ability to pay covered claims – no matter how complex or large the catastrophe.

Berkshire Hathaway’s National Indemnity group of insurance companies held US$333.9 billion in total admitted assets and US$202.5 billion in policyholder surplus (Source: Balance sheets as of 31 Dec 2019 for the Berkshire Hathaway National Indemnity group of insurance companies).

What should I notify?

We encourage our clients to get in contact early so that BHSI can provide timely advice and make sure that your interests are best protected. Be sure to make contact if any of the following occurs:

  • You’re served with court documents, especially a statement of claim or summons.
  • You receive a complaint from AHPRA, the Healthcare Complaints Commission or a medical council or board.
  • A patient makes a written or verbal complaint.
  • You’ve been closely involved in caring for a patient whose death has been reported to the Coroner.
  • The police seek documents or a statement from you.
  • You receive correspondence from Medicare regarding provider numbers, item usage or audits.
  • A private health insurer queries charges, notifies you of an audit or a change in your provider status.
  • You receive a request for medical records from a patient or third party or you receive a subpoena.
  • A solicitor gets in touch asking for a report or meeting to discuss the medical management of their client.
  • You believe comments appearing in print or on social media could be considered defamatory.

Support when you need it

We understand that the most important aspect of dealing with any complaint, claim or critical incident is the welfare of our clients. That’s why we’ve partnered with BHSI who offer a 24/7 hotline that puts you in touch with a panel of highly experienced medico-legal advisors who can give you advice when you need it.

We know that stress from claims and complaints can have an adverse effect on you, with concerns of potential to damage your reputation and your career. BHSI’s claims service is highly responsive, focused on results and open communication, giving you peace of mind that the matter is already in safe hands. They commit to be with you every step of the way, guiding you through the process.

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