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Tego understands that complaints, claims and litigation can be stressful for medical and healthcare professionals. It can have adverse effects on your well-being and your day-to-day practice.

Our main goal is your welfare, and it all starts with our medico-legal advisory service. Staffed by lawyers, our advisory service is open 24/7 and provides expert counselling to Tego clients to help them cope with and manage any adverse situation or incident. And our claims experts can help you get through a claim or complaint quickly and strategically, so you can get back to providing healthcare with a clear mind.

Our advisory service is highly responsive, focussed on results and believes in total transparency. After all we are here to protect your reputation and safeguard your career.

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“I have found the legal advice – on a range of issues – given by Tego to be very useful. All interactions have been timely, friendly and have answered my questions fully.
Dr. Johnny Levy
Medical Director, Primary Health Care Limited

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