Australia’s medical industry is rapidly changing. As medical advancements gather pace and new and more innovative technologies emerge, it’s an exciting time for those in the healthcare sector. And it’s exactly because the face of medical practice is rapidly changing that securing effective medical indemnity insurance is so important.

Tego offers medical practitioners and practice owners a contemporary approach to securing the peace of mind that comes from having the right medical indemnity cover in place.

We combine our deep understanding of the Australian healthcare industry with a genuine desire to deliver protection that’s relevant to today’s market demands and today’s risks – and at highly competitive premiums that can save our clients many thousands of dollars every year.

More choice, increased innovation and greater flexibility are the foundations of Tego’s business ethos. We work hard to support our clients with superior service, streamlined claims processes and 24/7 access to advice from Australia’s top medico-legal lawyers.

It’s a simple fact of life that things can, and do, go wrong. Protect your business – and your reputation – by joining the increasing number of practitioners who trust Tego’s strong safety net of cover for whenever you need it most.

What sets us apart?

  • We have an experienced and dedicated healthcare underwriting team.
  • We offer innovative and specialised healthcare solutions with market leading product features.
  • We offer tailored and sustainable pricing backed by the financial strength of leading market security.
  • Our knowledge of these unique challenges and exposures allows us to offer enhanced solutions and help clients navigate emerging risks in healthcare.

Why more doctors are switching to TEGO

Market Leading Coverage and Benefits
  • Comprehensive coverage including for today’s medical risks.
  • Like-for-like policy match
  • Unlimited retroactive date
  • Modern infrastructure means better service
Underwriting based on your own risk profile.

Stable and Competitive Pricing
  • Individually risk-rated premiums
  • No excesses, membership fees or hidden costs
Round the clock medico-legal advisory

Accessible Expert Claims and Medico-Legal Advice
  • 24/7 medico-legal advisory service
  • Access to specialist claims managers and partners in leading healthcare law firms
  • Straightforward communication
  • Proactive claims management

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