The Use of Chaperones in the Health Profession

During intimate examinations it is well documented that by having a chaperone present is a mitigating factor in minimising the risk in clinical practice. Doctors Medical indemnity insurance  and Medical Practice Insurance can protect and support medical practitioners and medical practices against false accusations and misunderstandings. At Tego, our deep understanding of the medical profession has enabled us to provide tailored cover with more choice and greater flexibility, so you can practice with confidence. 

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 As Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance Providers, we want you to know the facts around using a chaperone, so you are better informed .

 Here is just some professional pointers from the AMA Patient Examination Guidelines, that can be used to help you and your peers:

Don’t assume that you do not need a chaperone if you are the same sex as the patient

  • There are no upper or lower age limits: adolescents probably have a lower embarrassment threshold than most; young children are not immune from feelings of embarrassment; nor are elderly people
  • Take cultural considerations into account where necessary
  • Be mindful of a particular patient’s medical or social history
  • Don’t make assumptions about the preferences of different groups of patients – age, sex, race, etc. Research shows that there are widely different preferences within groups
  • Trust your instincts – if you feel uncomfortable, or your patient seems unduly reluctant to be examined, arrange for a chaperone or suggest that they see another practitioner.

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Using a chaperone doesn’t imply any wrongdoing on a medical practitioner’s behalf. The use of a chaperone however may assist with any misunderstandings that are inherent with intimacy in your clinical practice. 

In Conclusion

Medical Practice in Australia is one of the most complex areas of general insurance and is often the most misunderstood. Tego offers medical indemnity insurance for medical practitioners. We have a profound understanding of the Australian medical profession and the ever-changing healthcare industry. It’s this expertise that allows us to provide leading cover with more choice, innovation and greater flexibility. Contact us to find out more.

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