Seven Important Tips for Resolving a Patient’s Complaint

As an experienced provider of medical indemnity insurance in Australia, our team at Tego recommend to respond to patient complaints in a timely manner. Listening to your patient’s concerns and showing empathy has been shown to assist in resolving or reducing the effects of a complaint escalating. 

Below are 7 initial steps that will help you respond to a patient complaint:

  1. Gather the facts: review the medical notes, records of phone calls, any copies of reports, staff discussions and check local protocols. 
  2. Call your medical indemnity insurer for assistance in responding and dealing with the complaint.
  3. If referral or follow up is required, work out a management plan for the patient.
  4. If possible, suggest a personal meeting to discuss the patient’s concerns. Never discourage the patient from bringing a partner, family member or friend to accompany them. If they need an interpreter, encourage them to bring one and allow plenty of time. Ensure meetings are carried out in a quiet, private room..
  5. Be ready with information. Usually patients who complain want to understand what happened and what it means for them.
  6. Be certain your patient knows you take the complaint seriously and you want to prevent a recurrence.
  7. Keep your patient informed throughout the process. If there are going to be delays in responding or dealing with the matter communicate this to the patient. 
  8. Always demonstrate empathy. 

Medical Indemnity insurance

Medical indemnity Insurance to the rescue

Patients usually complain because something has gone wrong but they may also complain because of unmet expectations or because there has been a breakdown in communication. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the therapeutic relationship will have broken down to such an extent that you feel the relationship can no longer be sustained. Make sure you call your medical indemnity insurer for advice on how to deal with these circumstances. 

Tego offers Medical Indemnity Insurance for medical practitioners. We have a profound understanding of the Australian medical profession and the ever-changing healthcare industry. It’s this expertise that allows us to provide leading cover with more choice, innovation and greater flexibility.

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