Regulating Medical Devices In The ‘Internet Of Things’

Any device that can collect its own data and communicate via a network is now part of the billions of gadgets collectively known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

In the Healthcare space, common uses include fitness products like FitBits, automated security systems and stock inventory. But we can be certain we are just beginning to see that health technology, especially IoT is advancing rapidly. With this emergence, issues arise around the adequacy of regulation which in turn is concerning healthcare professionals.

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In Australia, software can be listed as a medical device if it undergoes a review of its safety and effectiveness by experts. The Therapeutic Goods Administration  (TGA) fee for a Class III device is around $A100,000. While it’s unknown exactly how many people are using DIY open-source technology in Australia, we know from the University of Melbourne study that it is being used by parents for their children.

The University of Melbourne, with collaborators from Royal Children’s Hospital and Diabetes Australia, are finalising a two-year research project exploring this issue.

They are investigating the perspectives and attitudes of key stakeholders including the healthcare professionals who provide care to children, parents who are using the new technology, lawyers, medical indemnity insurers and software developers.

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