Is Telemedicine Legal?

Health Care Complaints Commission v Goyer- 2019

At Tego Insurance, we want you to know the latest in terms of consulting patients by phone.  As experts in Medical indemnity insurance Australia and Medical indemnity insurance costs, we want you to be up to date on the latest issues surrounding healthcare and communication.

The Story

In 2019, a medical practitioner was found guilty for co prescribing medications and consulting patients by telephone. The medical practitioner’s business was called Medical Weight Loss Institute (MWI) and was providing ‘telemedicine’. This entailed patients not being seen in person, but instead consulted by the staff either online or via telephone.

What was the Problem?

The main complaint was that the Medical Weight Loss Institute did not personally examine their patients before recommending medicine which were stimulants. In the

complaint, 25 patients who were seeking weight loss, were prescribed the drug without a physical examination.


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The Verdict

The Civil and Administrative Tribunal of New South Wales made a finding that the doctors and his staff’s conduct was serious enough to warrant the suspension or cancellation of his registration.

The Tribunal decided that the doctor was acting inappropriately, given that some of the patients had comorbidities such as hypertension, meaning that the effects of the drugs could have been harmful. 

The Tribunal also found that the doctor had very little regard to his responsibility to get informed consent from any patient before prescribing stimulants.

What you need to know

The Tribunal’s decision reinforces the seriousness of having face to face examinations and consultations and it is the practitioner’s personal responsibility at every turn. It is the obligation of the health practitioner to receive a proper medical history and always informed consent.

Tego Insurance Understands

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