Do You Need Medical Indemnity Cover?

Medical Practitioner’s Indemnity Insurance – Private Practice

Registered healthcare professionals working in private practice in Australia are required to hold medical indemnity cover that complies with the ‘PII Registration Standard’ set by the relevant board.  The standards can be found at AHPRA

Medical indemnity insurers must meet the minimum product standards that apply to all medical indemnity insurers as defined in the Medical Indemnity Act.

Medical Indemnity insurers in Australia include:

    • Avant
    • Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company (distributed by Tego Insurance)
    • Guild Insurance Limited
    • MDA National
    • Medical Indemnity Protection Society Limited (MIPS)
    • Medical Insurance Group (MIGA)

The insurance cover must include appropriate retroactive cover for otherwise uncovered matters arising from prior practice undertaken in Australia.

Medical Indemnity Private Practice

Entity Medical Malpractice –  Medical Centres & Day Clinics

It is essential for owners and practice managers of medical centres and day clinics to understand ‘who’ and ‘what’ is covered under their medical indemnity insurance policy. One of the most common questions asked is ‘why does the practice need a practice entity policy, when each doctor holds their own medical indemnity ‘personal’ policy

Some important information about a Doctors Medical Indemnity Insurance

    • If you are a doctor practising by yourself with no other doctors, and you fully own the practice entity and employ a few staff who are always supervised, then a doctor’s personal policy might be sufficient. This type of practice could be described as the traditional solo GP practice, Dr Smith T/As Dr Smith Pty Ltd, who employs a nurse and a receptionist. Make sure you check with your medical indemnity insurers to check your practice and staff are covered under your own policy.
    • If you practice with other doctors, rent rooms to others, don’t fully own the entity, have staff which do healthcare in their own right (eg cosmetic procedures), then the chances are a practice policy may be required to cover the practice’s medical indemnity exposures.

Medical Professional indemnity insurance

The insurance cover provided and premiums charged vary widely by insurer. For example some medical indemnity insurers provide ‘free’ or discounted practice policy with the doctor’s medical indemnity cover. While this may appear generous, this policy may only suit certain practice ownership structures.

It is essential for all medical professionals who are not certain if their practice entity needs its own practice cover, to contact your insurer or a specialist Medical Insurance Indemnity broker. A specialist insurance advisor will review your practice structure and if needed, provide you a Medical Indemnity Insurance Practice Entity quote.

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