Discover the new way to save on Medical Indemnity Insurance premiums

Tego offers affordable medical indemnity insurance, due to personalised risk profiling.
Tego brings both competition and a different approach to pricing medical indemnity insurance.

This is a good new development for doctors, and the more support we get, the more doctors will ultimately benefit.

 Medical Indemnity Insurance

While some medical indemnity insurers traditionally offer a “one size fits all” approach to premiums based on homogenised billing bands, Tego offers a more affordable possibility due to individualised risk profiling – factors including income, location, experience and sub-specialty areas are being taken into account. We don’t need to sacrifice our service to achieve our prices (in fact we are very proud of our service offering) medical professionals are simply drawn to tailored, transparent, long term insurance services from a trusted brand. Who can blame them?

With this new option unsettling accepted industry practices, some insurers are now – finally – on their toes, introducing ‘we’ll beat it by…’ deals for doctors who cite Tego’s better pricing system or threaten to switch.

Some insurers are now offering deals for doctors who cite Tego’s better pricing system or threaten to switch.

Medical professionals have typically signed up to an insurer early in their career, without ever thinking about shopping around or considering their options. Healthy competition has improved so many industries (the telcos and airline industries come to mind) and with Tego now in the market, medical professionals have additional transparency, choice and customer care in their medical indemnity insurance.

Tego is here to play an important role in the medical indemnity insurance market – opening up the industry, ensuring it is fairly priced and giving medical professionals an insurance premium tailored to them.

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