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Covid-19 Info & FAQs

We have put together common questions to help you with certainty relating to your Professional Indemnity Coverage with us. As would ordinarily be the case standard policy terms and conditions will apply to any claim.

While these are extraordinary times, first principles still apply, and medical practitioners should continue to adhere to best practice in these challenging circumstances. If you have any specific concerns or queries, we are here to support you. We hope the following general comments may help answer some of your common questions.

Tego has been working with the Medical Defence Organisations to ensure consistency across the insurers and to lobby government on behalf of the medical profession. It is critical the we work together on these important issues as the COVID-19 situation develops.

A no-fault indemnity scheme for administering the COVID-19 vaccine.

On Monday 28th June 2021 the Prime Minister announced that the Commonwealth government will introduce “Indemnity arrangements for COVID-19 vaccinations.”

We will continue to engage with the Department of Health to support a scheme that is fit for purpose and will share the details of how this scheme impacts you as they are finalised.

In the meantime we confirm that you continue to be covered for the administration and or advice regarding COVID-19 vaccines provided you have the appropriate training, qualifications and experience; and your scope of practice includes prescribing or administering vaccines

This cover is subject to all of the terms and conditions of the policy

For doctors, moving to a new country is a daunting prospect and as a qualified doctor heading for Australia there are several things you should consider in time for your arrival:

Provided you have the appropriate training, qualifications and experience; and your scope of practice includes prescribing or administering vaccines.
Similar to any other vaccination program (eg influenza, MMR), you are covered in the event of an adverse reaction following vaccination, regardless of the vaccine. Cover is subject to the policy terms and conditions.

If your policy provides cover for public patients only, please contact Tego to advise of a change of circumstances. .
Otherwise, notification to Tego is generally not required, provided you have the appropriate training, qualifications and experience.

Tego is aware that this is a challenging time where information is rapidly changing and that there may by differences between states in relation to their advice and management.
We encourange all doctors to keep up to date with the advice from the Commonwealth government as well as their State government:
Department of Health
Australian Capital Territory
New South Wales
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia

Yes, your Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Policy provides cover for claims, complaints and Medicare audits which arise from your provision of Healthcare Services. COVID-19 does not change your coverage and we have no plans to modify or restrict coverage. We will be here when you need us.

Yes, your Policy extends cover to claims arising from the provision of Healthcare Services, including Telehealth. Download the Minister for Health press release on Expansion of Telehealth Services as at 23 march 2020.

We are here to support our medical practitioners in times of difficulty which means reacting quickly and compassionately to the COVID-19 crisis, when they may be asked to practice outside of their regular scope of work, in non-surgical or emergency roles.
You are automatically covered where:
– Your training college considers the activity during the COVID-19 health crisis an appropriate clinical activity for your specialty.
– You have received training in the last five years to practice in an emergency or non-surgical role outside of your declared specialty.
– You are providing healthcare to public patients and have confirmation that you will be indemnified by the hospital, area health service, a government scheme, or another person for public patient care.

Yes, you do not need to update us if you are temporarily working from a different location in Australia.

Yes. Claims or complaints arising from cancellations or delays in elective surgery is covered by your Policy as a result of COVID-19.

Yes. Claims or complaints arising from cancellations or delays in elective surgery is covered by your Policy as a result of COVID-19.

Yes, you do not need to update us if you are temporarily working from a different location in Australia.

We are currently seeking clarification from the Commonwealth Government relating to the Run-Off Cover Scheme to see if waivers are available for medical practitioners temporarily ceasing retirement. In the short-term these practitioners will need to contact us to put cover in place.

We understand this is a difficult issue and there is concern that a doctor is not able to certify that a patient does not have COVID-19 as there is no readily available test yet available which provides immediate results for this. Moreover, a genuine negative test result might be superseded by a new COVID-19 infection in the several days it might take to receive the test result. We are not able to give clinical guidance, but suggest that doctors give consideration to the following:

– If you do not consider that you are able to provide a certificate in the circumstances, we encourage you to discuss this with the patient. You are not under an obligation to provide Fitness to Work certificates.
– You may wish to make a note on the certificate that you are not able to certify that the Patient does not have COVID-19.
– The Medical Board’s publication, ‘Good medical practice: a code of conduct for doctors in Australia’ provides guidance and sets out first principles when providing a certificates (Section 8)
-Remember that you have an obligation to be honest when providing certificates and you must ensure that it is accurate before signing.

We set out below several weblinks leading to a number of Government and other Authorities, with information specific to the Covid-19 situation.

The Commonwealth Government Department of Health has advised that medical practitioners may change the way your services operate to minimise the exposure of health care workers and other patients to people who have COVID‐19, and conserve resources, such as by:

– directing people with COVID‐19 to specialised clinics; and
– cancelling elective surgeries; and
– designating certain GP practices as specialising in COVID‐19

There are a number of resources that will help including training for your practice and yourself and templates and communication sheets to help with your communication to patients.

In particular RACGP and the Commonwealth Department of Health have training videos and other tools available for you and your team.

This is a challenging time where information is rapidly evolving. No doubt you have been receiving information from the Departments of Health and your College. When you need more tailored assistance to manage coronavirus related issues in your practice please contact our Medico-Legal Advisory Service.

For any insurance coverage questions please contact us on 1300 834 683.

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What our customers are saying

David Moore, Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Fertility Specialist

Being a FRANZCOG doesn’t necessarily mean 100% of my billings comes from the high-risk practice of obstetrics; I work also in gynaecology and fertility, both of which represent a lower claims risk to me and my indemnity provider. Tego offered something no other provider did (and I asked all of them!): they tailored my indemnity policy to my actual practice. Not only was Tego’s policy equal to the best policies on the market in terms of cover and facilities, it was significantly more affordable; more importantly, it was reflective of my actual practice.


David Moore, Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Fertility Specialist

Dr. Benjamin Olesnicky Anaesthetist

The cover with Tego was more comprehensive than my existing insurer and I was pleasantly surprised to see some great savings on my premium. As a doctor passionate about patient safety and research, it’s great to see Tego support some of the projects we are running at the Northern Sydney Anaesthesia Research Institute (NSARI). Tego are attentive and treat me like an individual – not just a policy holder.


Dr. Benjamin Olesnicky Anaesthetist

Dr Alina Zeldovich, Ophthalmologist & Co-Founder Beamers

I was very impressed with the way Tego’s underwriters assessed me on my individual merits. Once I compared the cover with my existing insurer, I realised that Tego was offering broader cover at a more competitive premium. It was an easy switch and I have been really happy with their service.


Dr Alina Zeldovich, Ophthalmologist & Co-Founder Beamers

Dr. Johnny Levy Medical Director, Primary Health Care Limited

I have found the legal advice – on a range of issues – given by Tego to be very useful. All interactions have been timely, friendly and have answered my questions fully.


Dr. Johnny Levy Medical Director, Primary Health Care Limited