Communication Is Everything

In the CRICO’s Malpractice Risks in Communication Failures Benchmarking Report, poor communication is cited as a major factor in malpractice cases (30%).  This includes communication between healthcare providers, as well as providers and patients. Lack of documentation is common between providers, due to insufficient, inaccurate, illegible or delayed recording of clinical findings.

Information is the Key to Protecting Our Practices and Patients

At Tego Insurance, we understand that Information is the currency of the healthcare industry and when we communicate properly, our healthcare practices benefit. As providers of medical indemnity insurance, medical practice insurance and medical malpractice insurance, we are experts when it comes to helping our health practitioners deal with malpractice issues.   

Medical indemnity insurance

The Importance of Communication

We encourage our clients whether they be doctors or facilities to adjust their approach to day-to-day patient encounters and connect with their patients with empathy and real discourse.  The ability of health practitioners to communicate regularly with their patients means:

  • Engaging with your patients  
  • Developing a rapport
  • Responding to their concerns 
  • Explaining any information you have for them 

To be successful in engaging patients on their own terms, while developing a rapport means you  need to develop tools, processes, and practices that help patients define and achieve their life goals. It is a given that you must always look to offer personalized guidance, which empowers patients to take charge of their health.

Communication Empowers Patients 

Our health system needs to address the disconnect between the current principles of ‘patient-centered care’ and ‘shared decision making’, and the simultaneous devaluing of communication. Like many other skills in medicine, learning and applying the nuances of communication requires continual exposure, practice, feedback and reflection.

Tego Insurance Wants to Help

We offer medical indemnity insurance for medical practitioners.  We have a deep understanding of the Australian medical profession and its need to create better communication and information exchanges in our ever-changing healthcare industry. We are proud to be a leader of innovation, flexibility and choice for health practitioners in Australia.  

Tego Insurance is a leading provider of medical indemnity insurance for doctors in Australia. Medical indemnity insurance is a critical component of a strong career. When things go wrong, you need to ensure that you have the best doctors medical indemnity insurance in place. It’s important that you obtain a medical indemnity insurance quote to enable you to compare cover across the different medical indemnity insurers. Contact Tego Insurance today to find out the cost of medical indemnity insurance. 

This publication is general in nature and is not comprehensive or constitute legal or medical advice. You should seek legal, medical or other professional advice before relying on any content, and practice proper clinical decision making with regard to individual circumstances. Persons implementing any recommendations contained in this publication must exercise their own independent skill or judgment or seek appropriate professional advice relevant to their own particular practice. Compliance with any recommendations will not in any way guarantee discharge of the duty of care owed to patients and others coming into contact with the health professional or practice. Tego Insurance Pty Ltd is not responsible to you or anyone else for any loss suffered in connection with the use of this information.