How to Choose a Patient?

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As a leading and trusted Medical Indemnity Insurer, we are here to protect you, your medical practice and business. Assessment of a patient’s suitability must be carried out by the doctor based on patient’s individual circumstances.  Medical Indemnity Insurers regularly assist practitioners on issues that arise as a result of patient selection. Here are some  … Read more

Understanding the Telemedicine Risk Landscape

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As an Australian Medical Indemnity Insurer, we are here to protect our medical doctors and medical practitioners against the many risks associated with changing and emerging telemedicine risks. Having appropriate Medical Malpractice Insurance and/or Medical Practice Insurance ensure you are well on your way to being protected, but prevention is the best remedy. So here  … Read more

What psychiatrists should know about inquests into the death of their patients

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Psychiatrists are the subject of relatively few patient complaints compared with other medical indemnity insurance clients. A recent BMJ Safety and Quality review of 18,907 Australian patient complaints shows 6% involved psychiatrists. However, psychiatrists are more likely than most other doctors to be called upon to provide evidence at coroners’ inquests, particularly those involving a  … Read more

What anaesthetists need to know about ANZCA’s complaints process

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The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) subscribes to the Medical Board of Australia’s Code of Conduct and the Medical Council of New Zealand’s Code of Good Practice. Although the college is not a regulator and cannot award compensation or compel outcomes, it has a process in place to manage complaints against anaesthetists  … Read more

A small minority of doctors are responsible for most complaints

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Three percent of doctors account for 50% of Australian patient complaints, according to a study published by BMJ Safety and Quality. The finding is based on an analysis of a national sample of all 18,907 formal patient complaints filed with health service ombudsman (‘Commissions’) against 11,148 individual doctors in Australia over 11 years. The researchers  … Read more

Medical insurance specialist broadens product suite

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Specialist healthcare sector underwriting agency Tego Insurance has launched three new products. After disrupting the Australian market with a doctors’ medical indemnity product which has grown to 1,400 insured doctors, Tego has now expanded its product suite to include entity medical malpractice; life sciences; and clinical trials. Tego CEO Eric Lowenstein says the medical indemnity  … Read more

Patient complaints take their toll on doctors’ wellbeing

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Doctors with recent or current complaints have significant risks of moderate/severe depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation, according to a large anonymous survey published in the BMJ. This is true regardless of whether the complaint is against a GP, an ophthalmologist, an anaesthetist, a gynaecologist-obstetrician, a surgeon or any other clinician. Most of the 7926 respondents  … Read more