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Block Financial Pain

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Summary Most medical specialists today – particularly Anaesthetists and Pain Management Specialists – face challenging times. Once considered a financial ‘meal ticket’, specialists today face multiple issues affecting their careers and job security, which also affects their ability to build financial independence. High education expenses, government health budgets, increased patient expectations, risk of litigation, complex  … Read more

The Wellbeing of Doctors

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As a doctor working in emergency departments, I can vouch for the stress and fatigue to which medical practitioners may be exposed in an average day’s work. In addition, the challenges faced by doctors who are new or transient (such as locums like myself), or doctors-in-training rotating through different departments, can be augmented by having  … Read more

New Victorian Maternity eHandbook

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The Victorian Maternity and Newborn Clinical Network (VMNCN) of Safer Care Victoria launched a Maternity eHandbook on 22 August 2017 which offers readily available information on pathways of care, in the context of a range of obstetric presentations. It is the culmination of a project spanning over approximately 4 years, which involved drawing on existing  … Read more