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If I change insurers, will I lose my tail cover? Retroactive cover explained Copy

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A number of doctors have told me that they worry about changing medical indemnity insurers. Why? Because they’re concerned that if they switch insurers, they’ll lose their retroactive (‘tail’) cover. This post demystifies retroactive cover in medical indemnity insurance policies. What is retroactive (or ‘tail’) cover? Retroactive cover, also known as ‘tail’ cover, is insurance  … Read more

Tego Insurance announces Partnership with Virgin Australia

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Tego Insurance has partnered with Virgin Australia to provide Doctors with Velocity Frequent Flyer Pilot Gold Membership. Tego Insurance is offering its policyholders the opportunity to experience Velocity Gold, with benefits such as premium lounge entry, access to valet parking, priority boarding, improved seat selection, additional baggage entitlements and bonus points, refer terms and conditions  … Read more

Moving to Australia? Some pointers for overseas doctors.

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Moving to a new country is a daunting prospect and as a qualified doctor heading for Australia there are several things you should consider in time for your arrival. Step One – Registration There are a few stages to the process of registration so it is important to get started in good time. Firstly, you  … Read more

New to Victoria: The Health Complaints Commissioner

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The Victorian Health Complaints Act 2016 came into force on 1 February 2017, replacing the Health Services (Conciliation and Review) Act 1987. What was previously the Office of the Health Services Commissioner (HSC) is now the Office of the Health Complaints Commissioner(HCC), which has broader powers and responsibilities. The Health Complaints Act augments the state’s  … Read more

If you haven’t thought about being a rural locum you should, and if you have, here’s why you’re right!

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Robin Jerome of ZEEP Medical discusses the benefits of working as a locum doctor as a career transition strategy. Even while our regional, rural and remote communities continue to grow, the demand for medical services has never been greater. A Google search for “rural locum needs” quickly demonstrates the worsening shortage of doctors in non-metro hospitals  … Read more

Medical 3D Printing Raises Issues With Medical Indemnity Insurance

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Medical 3D printing (or ‘additive manufacturing’) which creates bespoke anatomical models such as for use in planning complex surgery, not surprisingly raises issues in medico-legal risk and medical indemnity insurance. As with any innovative technique, medical indemnity insurers must strike a balance between not accepting unknown risks, and not impeding medical progress – which have  … Read more