January 2020

Medicare and Health Insurance Shared Debt Recovery Scheme

By Eric Lowenstein on Wednesday, January 29th, 2020 in General.

As of July 1, 2019 medical health practitioners are able make a request for a shared debt determination when they are first contacted by Medicare. At Tego Insurance, we are experts in Medical Indemnity, Medical Practice Insurance and Medical Malpractice Insurance in Australia. Medicare is an important part of your business. What is the Medicare  … Read more

Confidentiality and Treating a Mature Minor

By Eric Lowenstein on Thursday, January 23rd, 2020 in General.

In Australia, a child aged 14 or sometimes even younger who has the capacity to consent to treatment can be considered to be a mature minor. In determining if a patient is a mature minor one must consider factors such as their age, understanding of, and the treatment in question. The team at Tego Insurance  … Read more

Unconventional, Complementary and Emerging Medicine

By Eric Lowenstein on Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 in General.

The Medical Board of Australia has created a new draft of guidelines for emerging, complementary, and unconventional medicine practitioners.  What Medical Practitioners Need to Know “Surveys indicate that around 30% of all GPs self-identify as using some form of complementary or integrative medicine,” says AIMA president Dr Penny Caldicott. This highlights the importance for all  … Read more

The Rising Number of Royal Commissions That Can Affect Your Medical Indemnity Insurance

By Eric Lowenstein on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020 in General.

“The increasingly frequent calls for Royal Commissions in this country cannot, and should not, be dismissed as some passing fad or fashion.”  – Former High Court Justice, Kenneth Hayne. Tego Insurance believes the healthcare industry must prepare for the coming real change by monitoring the current Commissions closely and taking proactive steps. The fact is  … Read more